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Autorized Auditors

Saf T Lab™ has a team of independent auditors, whose job is to visit, for audit purposes, the washing centers that want to certify their facilities and their procedures for washing and sanitizing trailers and other equipment used for transport of human or animal food, under the standards set in the Saf T Lab™ Good Sanitary Transportation Practices (GSTP).

Saf T Lab™ auditors are also responsible for verifying that carriers and distribution centers and/or processing centers of human or animal food, are in compliance with the Good Sanitary Transportation Practices (GSTP) required by law.

How to become an auditor

To become a Saf T Lab™ auditor is necessary to meet the following requirements of education and professional experience:

  • To have, at least, an associate degree related to the agricultural or food industry;
  • At least a year working in jobs related to food safety; and
  • Successfully approve the assessment of knowledge about food safety, applied online by Saf T Lab ™.

Those who meet the above requirements, must to comply certain training and contractual conditions with Saf T Lab™.

If you are interested to join the team of auditors of Saf T Lab™, please contact us using the form in the Contact tab in this site.