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Saf T Lab™ certifies compliance in procedures -Good Sanitary Transportation Practices (GSTP)- in companies involved in sanitary transportation of human and animal food, specifically:

  • Trailer washing centers;
  • Shippers;
  • Carriers; and
  • Receivers.

Issues verified by Saf T Lab™, auditing on-site the Good Sanitary Transportation Practices (GSTP), according to the requirements FDA and Mexican regulations referred, are the following:

  • Vehicles and transportation equipment;
  • Food transportation facilities;
  • Training;
  • Records; and
  • Waste disposal.

Certification procedure

If you want to get a certification from Saf T Lab™, please contact us using the form in the Contact tab in this site.

Simplify your records keeping, using the Saf T Lab™ software.