Cubase Pro 2020 Patch Archives

Cubase Pro 2020 Patch Archives

Cubase Pro 2020 Patch Archives

Cubase Pro 2020 Patch Archives

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, Cubase Pro 2020 Patch Archives

View Full Version : XV-2020 patch assignments

Using Digi 001/LE
I cannot figure out how to get the different MIDI channels to play a seperate patch and part. I know to have the XV-2020 in performance mode. I know to assign the track inputs to all and the outputs to channel 1 through 16. What I cannot get is when window where I put controller numbers and patch numbers in. For example, if I want to use patch 100 from syn/pad on channel one, how do I specify that? I am also using a roland pc-200 as a controller.

Do you have the XV-2020 midnam file? Email me if not.


I don't believe I do. I found mention of that in the PT manual, but the path shown in the manual makes no sense.

To use the Patch Name files (midnam) , place it in the proper folder (usually in the manufacturer specific folder for the device) in Library>Audio>MIDI Patch Names>Digidesign folder.

Once the correct midnam file is placed in the Digidesign folder, you can create a midi track, and select the midi folder after clicking the midi patch menu from the midi track. Your patch names will then show up.

Also, you may need to put the XV2020 in GM mode to select sounds rather than performance mode.

If you need the midnam file let me know

any luck ? if so, please share. my god this is tricky!

Hi. I can't find the patch name list (banks, programs etc), so the sounds won't stay put in my Cubase MIDI tracks. I know you (twinstream) were talking about something called 'midnam' - will that help? I am SO confused! Any help gratefully received!!

Do you have the xv-2020.midnam file, or a patch list I can use with a MAC? I'd really appreciate it.


Hi, can anybody help me find the midnam file for the Roland XV-2020? Thanks so much, Peter


Im also after the Roland XV2020.midnam file. I also run a MAC (G5) and would appreciate any help or advice.



i really need the midnam assignment for roland xv2020, can you supply me at ???

Thanks a lot

Do you have the XV-2020 midnam file? Email me if not.


Hey there Twinstream. I get a lot of requests for this midnam. Do you happen to have it floating around? Happy to put it up on the site if you are. email andrew @ digicake . com

Cheers fella

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Cubase Pro 2020 Patch Archives

Steinberg Cubase

VersionReleasedInformation Cubase 1.0 AtariApril 1989Originally called Cubeat, later on Cubit, but changed to Cubase due to trademark issues, this was the successor to Pro-24. Cubase for Atari was MIDI only and ran on the Atari 520ST and Atari 1040ST computers, provided they had 1 MB of RAM (the 520 with 1 MB of RAM is effectively a 1040 anyway). It required use of an Atari SM-124 monochrome monitor, which gave a then impressive resolution of 640x400, at a rock-solid 71.25 Hz.[10]

The main innovation of Cubase was the graphic arrange page, which allowed for the graphic representation of the composition using a vertical list of tracks and a horizontal timeline.[11] This was much more intuitive and allowed much easier editing than the prior system of parameter lists. It has since been copied by just about every other similar product.

Cubase 1.0 Macintosh1990Cubase 1.0 is released for Apple Macintosh computers.[12]Cubase 2.0 AtariApril 1990Only supports format 0 MIDI files. Cubase Audio1991Macintosh, this version relied on the TDM system from Digidesign for the audio portion. Cubase Audio1993Release on Atari Falcon 030.[13] This version brings digital signal processor (DSP) built-in effects with 8-track audio recording and playback using only native hardware. It was an incredible solution for the price at this time. Later versions enable 16-track mode using audio compression. Cubase 3.0 Atari1992Cubase for Windows 3.01992Cubase Score for Windows 3.111993Cubase Score is released for Windows offering key, list, logical, drum, and score editing, printing, and a GM/GS editor. Cubase 2.8 for Windows1996The Arrange Window was redesigned. Features included the Interactive Phrase Synthesizer, CueTrax and StyleTrax: the "virtual Band". Cubase Audio 1.6 Windows1996Cubase Audio 1.6 supported the hard disk recording functions of Session8 and Yamaha's CBX D3/D5 Cubase Audio supported Digidesign's new AudioMedia III PCI card. Used in conjunction with AudioMedia III Cubase Audio gave 8 audio tracks, EQ and automation. Cubase Audio 3.0 TDM for Macintosh1996Cubase Audio 3.0 TDM had up to 16 Audio Tracks with TDM Support for up to 48 Physical Audio Tracks. Cubase Audio 3.0 TDM contained all the new features of Cubase Score 2.0. It also had OMS II Support and MovieManager Support. Cubase Audio XT 3.01996This release provides extended hardware support not featured in other versions of cubase. Hardware options included the Digidesign Session 8 & AudioMedia III PCI, Yamaha CBXD3 & CBXD5, Akai DR8 & DR16, & the Creamware Master port. Recording multiple tracks at once was possible. One of the last versions of Cubase that is still compatible with windows 3.11 Cubase Score 3.01996At the time of this release, the Cubase lineup consisted of the following programs (in hierarchical order) Cubasis(midi), Cubasis Audio, Cubase (standard, included audio), Cubase Score (Audio+Notation), Cubase Audio XT (Flagship product). This version was upgradeable to Cubase Audio XT. One of the last versions of Cubase still compatible with windows 3.11 Cubase VST 3.0 Macintosh1996In 1996, Steinberg increased its share of MIDI + audio sequencers with the Virtual Studio Technology (VST) versions of Cubase. VST also included standards for plug-ins and virtual instruments, which were then also incorporated into third-party products.[14] Up to 32 tracks of digital audio. Up to 128 realtime EQs. Professional effects rack with 4 multi-effect processors. Plug in interface for external plug-ins, allowing external audio technology to be integrated into the Cubase environment. Professional score printing, up to 60 staves per page, 8-voice polyphony. Had a bug limiting memory in the host system to 64 MB on the PowerMac. Was eventually resolved with a patch. Cubase VST 3.5 MacintoshAug 1997Separate access to all audio inputs + outputs in conjunction with multi i/o audio hardware (amIII, 1212) via a flexible audio routing system; new channel plugins: chorus2, electrofuzz, wunderverb3; new master plugin scorpion; backup option via dat stream Cubase VST 3.5 for Windows 95Oct 1997Windows Cubase VST provided up to 32 tracks of digital audio,[15] 128 equalizers in real time, a fully equipped effects rack with four multi-effect processors, a master section and an open plug-in interface for additional real time effects and mastering tools. VST for Windows also supported Active Movie compatible plug-ins. Cubase Audio VST 3.5 + Wavelab 1.6 + Waves AudioTrack was bundled in the first "Producer Pac". This version is native windows 95 code + is the first version of Cubase for windows that is incompatible with windows 3.11 Cubase VST 3.5.5 for Windows 951998Other new features include updated implementation of DirectX plug-ins, allowing the user to organize the list of installed plug-ins according to personal preferences. Support for Recycle export files (.REX files). This allows the use of 'recycled' sample loops right in VST audio tracks without using a dedicated hardware sampler. VST Audio Engine can now be disabled while VST is running (from within the Audio System Menu) or by launching the program while holding the Shift key. Cubase VST 24 3.6199896 tracks, submixers, ReWire, 8 FX sends and eight aux. VST/24 3.6 supports the entire functionality of Yamaha's DSP Factory card. Cubase VST 24 3.7 WindowsJul 1999This version introduced VST 2.0, which allowed VST plugins to receive MIDI data from Cubase.[16] It also introduced the concept of VST instruments - earlier implementations of VST had been biased towards effects plugins - and included Neon, a free VST instrument. VST24 3.7 was the first sequencer ever to support VST instruments, as Steinberg had invented the "VSTi" specification.[17]Cubase VST 24 4.0 Macintosh1998Macintosh only. Cubase VST24 4.0 now offers 96 tracks of 24 bit, 96 kHz digital audio[18] with Digidesign Pro Tools 24 digital audio hardware systems. Cubase VST 24 4.1 MacintoshJul 1999Macintosh only. Downloadable as a free upgrade to owners of VST24 4.0. Introduced VST 2.0 (and thus, first to provide VST instrument ability on the mac), ASIO 2.0, DSP Factory support, TDM support and more. Also, the Cubase VST/24 Mixer/EQ section included an extension with five new real-time processing modules — Compressor, Limiter, Auto Gate, Auto Limit and Soft Clip. Several VST elements could also now be controlled remotely by external devices such as the Yamaha 01-V. Cubase VST 32 5.0Sep 2000Large update to the Windows product bringing it in sync with the Macintosh product which had included more features such as: 15,360 ppqn internal resolution, Folder Tracks, Marker Tracks, Long Track Names, Transport Bar display options, User-definable Toolbar and key commands, Extended Inspector, Improved drag and drop, Enhanced Toolbox (including Range Selection tool), New Controller Editor, Grooves and Logical presets, Window Sets, Dedicated MIDI Track Mixer. The last version still compatible with windows 95. Applying the update to 5.1 is said to require windows 98. Cubase VST 32 5.12001Was available individually and as part of a Producer's Pack featuring Recycle loop editor and Rebirth virtual instrument (non-VST format), programs developed by Propellerheads but distributed by Steinberg. The Propellerheads products came on Mac and PC compatible CDs, but the disc and serial hasp for Cubase were PC-only. Primarily was introduced to run on the new Windows XP operating system. Cubase SX 1.0/ Cubase SL1.02002Cubase SX1.0 was released as the next generation after Cubase VST. It used the engine of a contemporary sister program as a base, Nuendo V1.0, and was a total rewrite over the prior versions of Cubase. Although bringing vast improvements in stability and feature quality, some features from Cubase VST initially didn't make it into the new version.

SX 1.0 allows importing of Cubase VST projects and saving them in the new *.cpr format, however the conversion isn't perfectly accurate.

Cubase SX 2.0/Cubase SL2.02003Cubase SX2.0 was hailed by many as a huge leap in functionality. One of the most innovative features was called Timewarp. This allowed users to record music either as MIDI and/or Audio in freetime, without click or metronome, and then move the bars and beats grid to the music, automatically creating a tempo track. The Timewarp tool allowed users to move gridlines.

Cubase SX2.0 also saw the introduction of Full PDC (plug-in delay compensation). Many plug-ins, particularly those which run on DSP Cards such as UAD-1 or Powercore, cannot process their audio within a 1-sample time period and thus introduce extra latency into the system. Unchecked, this will cause some audio channels to end up out of sync with others. PDC checks all the various latencies introduced by such plug-ins and creates audio delay buffers to ensure that audio from all channels is correctly synchronized.

Cubase SX 3.02004One of the major features to arrive with Cubase SX3.0 was Audiowarp. It allowed Audio to remain in sync with the project even after changing its tempo. It also allowed users to apply 'tempo anchors' to an imported audio file so it would sync to the tempo of the project regardless of the original tempo.

Audiowarp was largely successful, but had a major flaw in that it didn't work with variable tempo projects. This was because the tempo map it copied to the Audio file when musical mode was enabled was derived from the fixed tempo setting of the project rather than from the tempo track.

Nonetheless Audiowarp was an important addition to the musical features of Cubase. Despite the caveats, having the ability to change the tempo of a musical piece and have the audio tracks follow this new tempo was an important ability in music production.

Cubase SX 3.1August 31, 2005Cubase SX 3.1.1October 20, 2005Cubase 4.02006Cubase 4.0 marked the end of the SX, SL and SE designations, with SX becoming Cubase 4, SL becoming Cubase Studio 4 and SE becoming Cubase Essentials 4. It introduced the new VST 3 plug-in standard, and also removed support for the increasingly irrelevant DirectX plugin standard.

Cubase 4 was the first Cubase version not to support the import of Cubase VST songs and projects. To give the ability to import older Cubase VST projects and songs, Steinberg decided to make the prior Cubase SX3 and Cubase SL3 versions available as downloads.

Cubase 4.0 brought a GUI change. In general the GUI was darker than the prior version, Cubase SX3.

With this version the preset system was changed. The FXP (Preset) and FXB (Bank) files were discontinued along with the drop-down menu XML presets. They were replaced by a preset system that integrates in a new feature, the Media Bay, which allows deeper categorizing and managing of presets.

Cubase 4.1October 23, 2007Apart from many bug fixes, V4.1 added some new features, including Sidechaining, Free Group Routing, Project Logical Editor, and Recording from Sum Objects. Existing Features were also improved including the Play Order Track and the Audiowarp, which is now integrated into the Audio Sample editor. Cubase 4.5September 3, 2008Cubase 4.5.2September 11, 2008Cubase 5.0January 27, 2009Cubase 5.0.1April 8, 2009Cubase 5.1August 24, 2009Cubase 5.1.1December 12, 2009Cubase 5.5.1June 21, 2010Cubase 5.5.2November 9, 2010Cubase 5.5.3March 29, 2011Cubase 6.0January 17, 2011Cubase 6.0 was designed to run on 64-bit Windows 7. Cubase 6 features the new VST 3.5 standard, that introduces new features such as Note Expression. With Note Expression, the limits of MIDI controller events are circumvented, enabling articulation information for individual notes, even in polyphonic arrangement (e.g. chords). Cubase 6.5February 29, 2012Cubase 7.0December 5, 2012New features include MixConsole, an improved workflow including full-screen ability, and redesigned channel strips and channel centrals. It also includes a new Chord Track and a Chord Assistant.[19]Cubase 7.5December 4, 2013Enhancements of workflow like the alternative TrackVersions and track visibility management system. It also included Groove Agent SE 4, HALion Sonic SE 2, LoopMash FX and the REVelation reverb.[20]Cubase 8.0December 3, 2014Performance boost for more instruments, more tracks and shorter loading/saving times. VCA faders for complex mixing and automation workflows. Render in-place: Bounce MIDI and audio parts easily. Chord pads: A great way to playfully and creatively compose with chords. Improved windows handling on PC, dockable rack and MediaBay plus a redesigned Track List. Groove Agent SE 4 Acoustic Agent gives you a world-class virtual acoustic drummer. Plug-in manager: Arrange, sort and group your effects and instruments. New Virtual Bass Amp, Quadrafuzz v2, Multiband Expander, Multiband Envelope Shaper effects. Mixing updates: Virgin territories automation mode, direct routing and Wave Meters. Allen Morgan Pop-Rock Toolbox: 30 construction kits, each with 25 to 30 audio and MIDI loops. Cubase 8.5December 2, 2015Various MIDI and Drum Editor enhancements, enabled saving and sharing arrangements in clouds via "VST Transit", upgrade of analogue synthesizer "Retrologue" (implementation of third oscillator, 12 new filter types, a third bipolar envelope curve, an own effects rack and four-track step sequencer), enabled option to import tracks from other projects and improved Drag and drop. Cubase 9.0December 7, 2016Improvements to cloud collaboration clouds via "VST Transit", docked windows with the new "Lower Zone" gives access to MIDI editors, sample editor, mix window and new Sampler Track without leaving project window and comes with "Caleidoscope" with hundreds of samples. Undo history separated in the Mix Window. 10 marker tracks (similar to Nuendo 7 which has 32), Autopan Plug-in, Maximizer, new Sentinel scans plug-ins to check stability. New EQ with M/S support and auto listen to EQ bands with included keyboard for easier frequency to pitch recognition. 400 new drum loops via "Production Gooves". The top 5 feature requests for Cubase 9 were

1. Parameter undo/redo history for MixConsole 2. Enhanced window handling 3. Extend options to import tracks/channels in a project 4. Extend resizing possibilities for the rack zone 5. Basic sampler

Cubase 9.5November 15, 2017Graphics performance improvements, Zoning 2.0, automation curves, advanced metronome options, 64-bit mixing engine, more inserts with flexible pre/post fader, new look for Vintage Compressor, Tube Compressor and Magneto III, direct offline processing, HALion Sonic SE 3 featuring FLUX wavetable synth, automation range tool, Adapt to Zoom, new video engine (no longer QuickTime dependent), Softube Console 1 support, Sampler Track enhancements, production presets. Cubase 10.0 November 15, 2018 Interface Improvements, High DPI display support (only on Mac), VariAudio 3, Audio Alignment, Channel Strip Revision, Groove Agent SE 5, Mix Console Snapshots, Multi-Dimensional Controller Support, VR Production Suite, Side Chaining Improvements, AAF Import & Export, new Distroyer Processor effect, Latency Monitor, ARA Support, MPE support Cubase 10.5 November 13, 2019 Spectral comparison EQ mode, Video renderer, Multi-tap delay, Padshop 2 plugin, Colorizer mixer channels, Import tracks from other project, Retrospective MIDI recording, Combined selection tools, Score editor fixes, Easier macro recording, LUFS normalization, Start in Safe Mode, Various workflow improvements
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